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Depo Summary Masterclass

Learn everything you need to know to make money summarizing depo transcripts like a BadAss.


Who Should Get Her Ass in My Depo Summary Masterclass?

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH  goes right here.


What You'll Learn In My Depo Summary Masterclass

  • SEOps 2021: Keyword Research in SEO

  • - Longtail Keywords for Better Conversions

    - Outranking Established Websites with Newer Ones

    - Competitor Research Walkthrough

  • SEOps 2021: Technical Factors in SEO

  • - Impact of Headings and Meta Description

    - How to Add Heading tags and Meta Description

    - Domain SEO Visibility

  • SEOps 2021: Unveling Backlinks SEO

  • - Number of Backlinks - Does It Matter?

    - Keyword vs Brand Name in Anchor Text

    - Backlink Age - Old vs New Links

  • SEOps 2021: Content SEO

  • - What are Content Hubs?

    - Improve Your Content Keyword Optimization

    - How To Improve Easy Readability

  • SEOps 2021: Get Indexed Faster

  • - Creating a Sitemap for Your Website

    - Add Your Website to Google Search Console

    - Adding Sitemap to Google Search Console

  • SEOps 2021: User Experience SEO

  • - Why UX Matters in SEO

    - SEO Factor 5: Responsive Design

    - How To Add Rich Snippets?

I'm Jodi, Your Trainer!

I’ve done depo summaries for decades. And you know what? I can't get enough of ‘em. Some people pig-out on crossword puzzles. Some scarf up a Suduko. But I get my kicks devouring a delicious depo transcript. And I'm wicked good at it.

Maybe you've wanted to do them too, but you got shot down because you hit this familiar snag: You need experience to get the gig, and you need the gig to get the experience. Right? 

Well, fret no more, Lenore. By the end of this course, you'll have a stellar summary sample that'll prove you know your shit. I mean, it's high time to get that gig and make some money already.

There's plenty of info out there about what a page/line summary is and how it should look. But no one is offering a course with live critique and Q&A. Until now! 

Because why should I keep my summarizing badassery to myself?


Your Complete Guide to Depo Summary BadAssery!

We'll teach you all the latest techniques in order to rank #1 on Google with everything from technical to UX SEO. When you've completed the training, you'll learn how to:

  • Make your website load in less than 0.5s in order to increases sales/conversions 2x.

  • Improve the User experience of your website

  • Learn to use the best free SEO tools across the entire web

I respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with me.

Introduction to SEOps

Course Outline

This ultimate course is jam-packed with hours of relevant content that focuses on making you an expert in the SEO industry.

10 Hours On-Demand Video

Video content that can be played and replayed until you understand.

17 Articles

Well-researched articles which cover SEO from the basics to expert level.

14 Downloadable Resources

Resources, quizzes and tests that you can do test your knowledge of SEO.

Full Lifetime Access

You'll get lifetime access to updates for as long as the course exists.

Access on Mobile and TV

Access the course from any device, any time and from anywhere.

Certificate of Completion

When you've completed the entire course, you'll receive a badge.

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We respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with us.

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