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Do your clients really understand you?

Maybe you need a Legal Copywriter.

You went to law school. Your clients didn’t.

And talking to them like they did scares them away.
Why not use words they use and make your firm more approachable?

 Legal Jargon
weighs heavily on your clients.

That foreign language thing.
  • Yours is a unique business with a language all its own. Language best used in motions and briefs - not in marketing materials. Those should be readable, relatable, and useful. They should reflect your firm’s values, style, and personality using words familiar to non-lawyers.

  • But you’ve forgotten how to write like a human. 

    You can write clever, compelling legal arguments in your sleep. But using plain English to describe how your law firm gets outstanding outcomes for its clients is more challenging than getting into a top-tier law school.

      You need a Legal Copywriter.

      The average Jane in a legal bind has 99 problems. Wading through legal mumbo jumbo on a website shouldn’t be one of them.

      I’m bi-lingual. I speak your language AND her language. I'll bridge the Grand-Canyon sized gap between those two worlds and tweak your content so it speaks to the heart of her concerns in a relatable way.

      Let got of those pesky marketing tasks and grab some billable hours.

    If you’re looking for a relationship with your copywriter - not just copy - you’re in the right place.

    Why work with me?
  • Because you’ll always be working with me – not a junior-level associate or a non-native English speaker.

  • Other legal copywriting services offer to match you with a copywriter who can write about your industry. Cool. But who are you going to get? You will vibe with that person? And will your content sound like everyone else's in your practice area?

  • I've been a paralegal for decades, and I’ve seen what legal jargon does to clients. Their faces become as glazed as a Krispy Kreme doughnut. I break complex procedures into nuggets so digestible, you'd think I'd sprinkled them with probiotics.


  • I've got a dry sense of humor, and I understand the serious nature of your business.

  • Need more reasons?
  • Well-researched copy from high-quality sites. I only use sources with solid street cred. That means you’ll get content that builds your credibility, shows you’re the expert in your practice area, and attracts new clients.

  • Original copy. You don’t need the plagiarism police on your case, so I write copy you won’t find on any other website. You don’t want to sound like every other lawyer out there, do you?

  • We-ectomy. I’ll extract the 𝘸𝘦 references from your website and marketing materials and show your clients how your honors, awards, and years in practice benefit them.

  • Easy to work with. I’m a reliable, trustworthy copywriter who’ll keep you in the know from the minute you say 𝘨𝘰. There'll be no wondering what you’re getting or when you’ll get it.

  • Deadlines Met. A blown deadline kills a buzz like no other. So, we’ll set realistic due dates- for both of us to keep the project on track.

  • Come for the copy. Stay for the experience.  Getting world-class copy is astounding. But enjoying the journey to the rainbow’s end is more refreshing than a cold Heineken on a scorching afternoon. So, from start to finish, I’m gassing up the jet, refilling your drink, and fluffing your pillow. You deserve VIP treatment, don’t you?

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied, neither am I. If I don’t meet your expectations, you’ll get 100% of your money back. So, you’ve got nothing to lose.

    • Working with me is as easy as binge-watching Chopped with a big bowl of buttery popcorn. 

      Call me at 858-243-1957 or shoot an email to: [email protected]